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TORRE was designed to address the risks and limitations of hot air boot dryers. Hot air boot dryers are designed for quick drying, but they can dehydrate and shrink footwear materials, and alter the shape and form of footwear interiors. Custom molded ski boots are especially vulnerable to distortion with hot air boot dryers.

Additionally, hot air and bacteria tend to go hand in hand. A University of Westminster study concluded that hot air can increase bacteria by over 200 percent. TORRE’s cold-air drying minimizes bacteria growth and related odor.

TORRE uniquely combines a more powerful blower with cold air to dry boots and gear quickly, safely and more hygienically.

The TORRE difference:

  • Temperature – Unlike hot air dryers that can heat-alter footwear and cause odor and bacteria, TORRE uses cold-air to preserve interiors and reduce bacteria and odors.
  • Cost – TORRE provides an advanced drying solution for a lower price.
  • Construction – Unlike PVC-constructed boot dryers, TORRE is made of durable aluminum.
  • Safety – TORRE’s cold-air design reduces the risk for overheating and heat-generated mishaps.
  • Appeal – TORRE’s design complements any building interior.
  • Speed – TORRE uses an industrial grade centrifugal fan to dry boots and other gear in minutes.