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New, advanced ski boot dryer for quick, quiet and footwear-safe drying


Perfect for residential and commercial use, TORRE boot dryers use cold air to optimize sports gear drying process


MONTREAL, Canada – September 25, 2012 – TORRE, makers of advanced boot dryers, unveiled their new system for the safe, quiet and rapid drying of sports and commercial footwear including ski boots, skates, work boots and more. Attractively designed from durable aluminum, TORRE boot dryers feature concentrated cold-air drying that is energy efficient, more hygienic, and will not heat-damage footwear interiors.

“Last season there were over 60 million skier visits at more than 500 ski areas in North America,” said Vincent Couturier, co-founder of TORRE. “Any skier can identify with the discomfort and inconvenience of wet boots. We set out to innovate boot drying with a new cold-air approach that takes into consideration boot longevity, maintenance and hygiene. The TORRE boot dryer is the perfect ski accessory for ski chalets, resorts and lodges.”

TORRE’s futuristic design reduces noise and ensures an esthetically appealing addition to any commercial, residential or athletic facility. Its advantages include:

  • Cold-air for a more efficient, anti-odor and hygienic drying environment.
  • Boot-safe drying technique that helps boots last longer and maintains the integrity of footwear interiors. Molded ski boots and skates retain their shape.
  • Sturdy aluminum construction that is built to last.
  • Inverted drying for a faster drying cycle.
  • Sleek design that can be easily installed in ski residences and other sports facilities.

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TORRE is an advanced boot dryer designed to deliver a better drying solution for residential and commercial environments. TORRE leverages cold-air for a faster, quieter, safer and more hygienic drying environment. TORRE is a subsidiary of Unicel Architectural – the award-winning manufacturer of aluminum solutions for global construction projects. Leveraging Unicel’s 50 years of excellence in the design and manufacture of high-end aluminum products, TORRE is optimally engineered for durability, style and functionality.

TORRE Contact:
Vincent Couturier