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TORRE Hockey Dryer

TORRE dries your hockey equipment quickly and safely – it is the perfect solution for any level hockey player! It can dry at the same time a player’s full equipment by changing the air inside all the equipment about 25 times per minute. By adding your favorite sport anti-odor to your equipment on the TORRE, you will be able to avoid smells and unwanted moisture.

With its durable aluminum design, TORRE features concentrated cold air drying that is energy efficient and more hygienic. TORRE will not alter the interior shape or composition of your equipment while drying it in no time.

TORRE’s futuristic design reduces noise and will fit perfectly in the environment it is placed in. TORRE is ideal for personal and commercial usage.

 The Key Benefits

  • Cold-air driven – TORRE leverages concentrated cold air for a safer, more energy efficient and hygienic drying environment.
  • Footwear friendly – TORRE cold-air drying makes sure that footwear interiors are not heat damaged or altered in any way. Molded ski boots retain their shape.
  • Durable construction – TORRE’s sturdy aluminum construction is built to last!
  • Inverted drying – TORRE’s design inverts footwear to speed up the drying cycle.
  • Sleek design – TORRE looks good! It’s an appealing addition to ski chalets, ski lodges and other sports or commercial facilities.
  • Quiet operation – TORRE’s advanced engine and design reduce noise.