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TORRE’s unique cold-air drying solution is ideal for:

Ski Hotels
TORRE presents an attractive, energy efficient and footwear-safe ski boot dryer for ski resorts and hotels. Guests can quickly dry ski and snowboard boots without risk of material damage or distortion.

Ski Lodges
TORRE’s rapid, energy efficient cold-air drying makes it ideal for ski hill lodges to ensure skiers have access to quick drying amenities. Skiers can dry their boots while having lunch or taking a break between runs.

Ski Chalets
TORRE offers a consumer-friendly price point for chalets and homes. After a long day on the slopes, skiers can simply dry their boots in the comfort of their own chalets.

Fire Stations
TORRE is an excellent solution for firemen’s boots and other gear to ensure fast and safe drying. TORRE is compact and easily installed in fire stations for a state-of-the-art drying solution for the most rugged gear.

Sports Arenas and Centers
TORRE is a cost-effective and durable solution for skates and other sports footwear. Left un-dried, hockey and figure skates can retain moisture and develop odor. TORRE is an easy and fast drying solution designed to keep sports gear in tip top shape.

Golf Courses
TORRE is an ideal shoe-drying solution for golf course facilities. Golf footwear needs to be kept dry and odor-free to ensure long-term use. TORRE quickly dries golf shoes after a long day on the greens.

Commercial/Building Sites
TORRE delivers industrial strength drying power for commercial footwear of any kind. Construction sites, manufacturing facilities – any commercial activity that requires work boots and safety gear – needs to keep footwear and gear in peak working order. TORRE safely dries the toughest footwear for repeated use.